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  • Coconut Palm Face Polish


    This is a face scrub with a difference. Using raw coconut palm sugar
    as an exfoliant and blending it into a base of butters and oils,
    this scrub will leave your skin baby soft and ultra clean.
    Exfoliating your skin allows for better product absorption
    as dead skin cells are sloughed off creating a smooth flawless canvas.

    Massage a small dollop onto cleansed skin.
    Rinse or remove with a warm cloth.

    Coconut Palm Sugar,Mango Butter,Cetearyl Olivate,
    Sorbitan Olivate,Cetyl Alcohol,Grapeseed Oil,Sweet Almond Oil,
    Tocopherol Vitamin E Oil, Benzyl Alcohol,Salicylic Acid,
    Glycerine,Sorbic Acid.

    100 grams

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  • Homespun Lab Enzymatic Face Polish


    Enzymes are potent ingredients that scavenge dead skin
    cells by gently buffing them making way for a fresher
    complexion.This mild peel is crafted with natural fruit,dairy and
    herbal extracts renowned for rejuvenating,refreshing and reducing inflammation.
    Pineapple,Rice Starch,Oats and Licorice Root are blended together
    to refine,brighten and bring a youthful glow to your skin.

    Regular exfoliation allows for better product absorbtion as
    skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin.



    Dispense a small amount into the palm of your hand.
    Add a little water and mix to a paste.
    Massage gently and rinse.
    Use once a week.


    Oryza Sativa(rice starch),Avena Sativa (oat bran), Bromelain,
    Buttermilk Powder,Glycyrriza Glaba (licorice root),Lavender.

    50 grams

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