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  • Beard Balm Oud & Patchouli


    Our beard balm offers extraordinary moisturizing properties
    that penetrate the hair shaft to deeply nourish and condition
    the hair.Blended with waxes,butters and oils that help promote
    healthy hair growth and thicker hair.
    Infused with the intoxicating scent of Oud and Patchouli.

    Apply a dollop to damp hair and massage.
    Comb through.
    Use 2 to 3 times a week.

    Shea butter,Cera Alba,Cocos Nucifera,Grapeseed oil,
    Essential Oils.


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  • Beard Oil Oud & Patchouli


    A beard oil is an essential product to maintaining a healthy,
    well groomed tamed beard.This premium blend of lightweight oils
    will strengthen soften and invigorateyour facial hairs as well as
    rejuvenating the skin underneath.
    Infused with our special intoxicating blend of Oud and Patchouli.

    Massage a few drops onto damp hair.
    Comb through.
    Use daily.

    25 ML

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  • Homespun Lab Peachwood Beard Comb


    An essential grooming tool to neaten and maintain
    the shape of your beard.It has a long lifespan,is anti-static
    and gently detangles hair. Made from sustainable peachwood.

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